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Chronic Glass

By Garun Babba Mul


A. To Carry On Business As Importers, Exporters And Traders And To Act As Purchasing, Selling Or Commission Agents Or Liaison Agents In All Type Of Goods, Articles, Commodities, Merchandise And All Kinds Of Land, Buildings And Structures. B. To Carry On The Business Of General Contractors, Suppliers, Merchants, Traders, Importers, Exporters, Stores, Storekeepers, Removers, Packers, Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Franchisors, And Or In Any Other Capacity And To Buy, Render Marketable And Otherwise Deal In Or With Wholesale Or Retail Goods, General Merchandise And Other Commodities Of All Kinds And Description. C. To Cultivate, Grow, Produce Or Deal In Agriculture Produce And To Carry On The Business Of Agriculturists, Farmers, Gardeners, Dairymen, Dairy Farmers, And To Acquire, Hold, Buy Or Acquire Freehold Or Leasehold Agriculture Land, Farm, Garden Or Any Other, Property And To Act As Growers Of Corn, Hay, Straw, Animal Feed And To Deal In Live-stock And Deal In Such Business As May Be Required By Farmers And Dealers Of Agriculture Produce. D. To Undertake And Carry On Poultry Farms, Fishery, And Dairy Farming And For The Purpose To Prepare Stables, Dens, Sheds, Kennels, Nests, Burrows, Dwelling Places And Grazing Pastures, Veterinary Hospitals For Keeping And Rearing Animals, Livestock For Safe Custody And For Improving Their Breed By Cross Breeding Or Otherwise Deal In All Kinds And Classes Of Animal Products Including Meat, Ham, Steak, Beef, Chicken, Oils, Fats, Skins, Nails, Teeth, Hair, Hooves, Horns, Etc. E. To Carry On The Business Or Engaged In Originating, Developing And Producing Commercial Feature Films, Broadcasting, Telecasting, Relaying, Transmitting, Content Developing, Animation/graphics / Sound Effects, Distributing, Release Or Running Any Video, Audio, Voice, Over Television, Radio, Internet, Telecom Or Any Other Media, Video On Demand Or Any Other Services. And Carry On The Business Of Identification Of Script (Script Analysis) Project Planning (Pre Production), Execution Of Production And Post Production Activities Or Deals With All Kinds Of Services.
F. To Carry On The Business Of The Marketer, Dealer, Trader, Innovator, Designer, Promoter, Representative, Agent, Merchant, Contractor, Wholesaler, Distributor, Exchanger, And Stockist, Buying And Selling Agent, Importer, Exporter, Buyer, Seller Of All Kinds And Descriptions Of Commodities And To Buy, Sell, Serve, Pack, Repack, Process, Direct Selling, Re-selling, Selling Through Local Merchants, Advertise For Sale Or Otherwise Trade And Deal In All Kinds Of Goods, Produce, Articles And Merchandise Of All Types Of Goods And Raw Materials And Intermediates Of Any Grade, Style And/or Quality In Their Category And Other Consumable Goods And Description Of Commodities Both Commercial And Non-commercial. G. To Carry On The Business As Rice Processor, Importer, Exporter, Distiller, Refiner, Fermenter, Converter, Distributor, Preserver, Packer, Mover, Consignor, Seller, Buyer, Reseller, Transporter, Stockist, Agent, Sub-agent, Supplier, Among Others. H. To Carry On The Business Of Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers, Exporters In Animal Feed, Poultry Feed, Compounded Or Mixed Feed, Minerals, Vitamins, Protein Food, Etc. Sugar Glucose, Starch Fattening Preparations Of Every Description, Artificial Manures And Fertilisers, Oil Cake Crushers, Oil Extractors, Ginners, Treacle Manufacturers, Feed Specials, Cake And Meal Merchants, Millers, Bakers, Chemists And Corn. Grain, Flour, Hay, Straw, Flax Cotton, And Oil Merchants And Manufacturers Of Cases, Casks, Drums Barrels, Bags And Sacks, Etc. I. To Carry On Business In The Oil And Gas Sector, Petroleum Products Including But Not Limited To The Buying, Selling, Importation, Exportation, Distribution, Marketing And Supplies Of All Products In That Sector. J. To Promote, Encourage, Establish, Develop, Maintain, Organise, Undertake, Manage, Operate, Conduct And To Run Computer Business Centres, Data Processing Centres, Computer Coaching Classes, Computer Consultancy Business, Software Consultancy And Other Allied Activities And All Sorts Of Services Relating To Computer, Its Maintenance, Repairs, Programmes & Operations For Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, Public Utility, Government, And Other General Customers Or Sections Of Society.
Number of Employees: 15-20
Founded Date: 2021-04-12
Industry (s): Agricultural Products, Airlines/Aviation, Business Supplies, Computer Networking, Construction, E-le

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