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Terms and conditions

Stackplaza has arranged its terms and conditions which includes its rules in using its service and user compliance. Store owners are required to read it, so they see what the platform accepts and rejects.

1. Restrictions

There are some activities that are restricted on Stackplaza, these are:
i. being anonymous;
ii. prohibited businesses; and
iii. deception or fraud;
Note that we DO NOT accept any business that violates any law, conduct or governmental regulations.

2. Business Categories

We DO NOT accept businesses that are based on the below categories or performs activities such as:
i. gambling;
ii. prohibited services/businesses;
iii. sale of blood or body parts;
iv. burglary tools;
v. production of military and paramilitary wears;
vi. counterfeit items;
vii. illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia;
viii. stolen properties;
ix. sexually oriented materials or services;
x. banned substances;
xi. offensive materials;
xii. items that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance;
xiii. obscene materials or pornography;
xiv. illegal chemicals or harzard substances;
xv. unlicensed financial services or stocks;
xvi. identity documents;
xvii. fireworks, destructive devices and explosives;
xviii. firearms, ammunition, weapons or knives;
xix. ponzi schemes; or
xx. any other item that violates any trademark or privacy of any proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction.

3. Actions

If, in any way we detect you to have engaged in any of the above prohibited businesses and restricted activities, we shall take legal action against you with or without noticing you.

4. Disclaimer

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we exclude all representations, warranties and conditions relating to our website. Please take note on the following:
i. We shall not be guilty of violating any law or exposing personal informations, but we are responsible to secure them
ii. Sellers should be very careful about the messages or phone calls they receive.
iii. Sellers should note that we are only responsible for connecting them with buyers
iv. Buyers are advised to buy products from verified businesses; those stores that have blue badge which represents verification
v. Sellers are advised not to send products only if payments are made

5. Applicable Law

Stackplaza always abides by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

6. Security

The details of your account are always on your hand and are encrypted with us. DO NOT try to misuse or misplace them in any way or by any means. You are always free to contact us if you think your account is inaccessible or you misplace your details.

7. Agreement

This page, and Privacy Policy tell you about our rules, conditions and the use of our service. Your registration means that you agree to comply with our terms of use and data privacy policy.