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How it works if
you own a business.

You open a store and start uploading products to our for free. We will direct customers to buy your products.


Open a store with us

Small, medium scale or big enterprises,
we have created a solution for you.

We are here to help businesses get their products on the internet.

Stackplaza's main mission is to digitalize businesses and help them showcase their products on the internet.



What do buyers do?

Buyers are free to buy products by adding them to their carts or by contacting the sellers. We provide a simple online payment system through which buyers can pay online safely.
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What we do?

We help businesses get their products online. We are here to digitalize businesses by getting themselves on the internet.

Businesses do not need a website

Stackplaza serves as a medium to help businesses in connecting them with appropriate customers. It creates a profile for them and gives them free unlimited space to host their products.

Which type of businesses are allowed on Stackplaza?

Any legitimate business is allowed on Stackplaza.
The products-based businesses like a boutique, mobile phone sales, agricultural products, bookstore, provision, textile and others.


Which products are allowed on Stackplaza?

Any legitimate product is allowed on this online plaza. Please discover the prohibited products on Stackplaza here

Business owners can feature their products such as mobile phones, houses, textile, cloths and many more.