How Do We Help You

Stackplaza is a professional digital plaza that hosts businesses and connects them with buyers. Businesses open stores on this digital plaza, upload their products and sell to hundreds of buyers
Business owners are free to open stores on Stackplaza and start uploading their products immediately. Click here to open a store for free
There are two ways to buy product on Stackplaza. The first method is by adding items to your cart and pay online, we will ship the products to your address. But this feature is only available on stores that have activated Stackplaza Online Payment. The second way is by contacting the sellers through WhatsApp or phone call.
Stackplaza Online Payment is one of our latest features where businesses are allowed to activate online payment system to allow their customers to order their products and pay online
Buyers can buy products using two ways:
i. by adding their desired products to their carts and pay online, then we ship the products to them, or
ii. by contacting the sellers through WhatsApp or phone call
Sellers are required to open stores, set-up their profiles and start uploading their products to attract customers.
Only businesses are allowed to open a stores on Stackplaza. We promise to urge businesses to provide quality products on this platform, and we even verify their identity.
Read this guide: How to Shop on Stackplaza to get started now.
We ship products to our customers immediately after making payments to their various locations in Nigeria. We ask our agents from different parts of this country to communicate with the customer and deliver their products safely.

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