Seller’s Guide: How to Manage Your Account on Stackplaza

Are you a business owner? Wouldn’t you love to have your products displayed on a platform that connects buyers to sellers globally? For free! Yes, free! Well, let’s get to understand the seller guide on how to use Stackplaza.

To use Stackplaza as a business owner, below are the simplified steps to follow;

If you don’t own a store on Stackplaza, kindly click here to register now. But if you already own it, follow the procedures below to learn how to manage your account.

1. Browse stackplaza.com

2. Then click on Login

Stackplaza Homepage

3. Click I am a Seller button

Login Panel

4. Enter your login details to log in

5. You will be redirected to your dashboard

Sellers Dashboard

In your dashboard, you can add new products, manage existing products, see your order list, promote products/store, see feedback and set up your store. As shown in the image above, you can contact us directly by hitting the footer button located at the hand right corner of your browser, we will respond to you as soon as we can.


Add a New Product

To add a new product to your store, follow the procedures below:

Add New Product

Fill the blank spaces as shown below:

Fill out the blank spaces and submit.

Managing Existing Products

To manage your existing products, click on Manage Products in your dashboard

You click on the specific project name you want to manage

Below the product’s details are shown, such as its name, category, date of upload, total views and like and availabiliity status. However, some buttons were below the details where some operations will be taken such as editing, deleting, promoting, adding more images and marking product as unavailable.

Promote Promote: if you want to reach more buyers to increase your sales, promoting your product is the best idea so far. It enables you to boost the engagements of your products to record more sales. Here, you lick on the button Promote and it will take you to where you can reselect the product, promotion level and proceed to pay simply.

Read full tutorial here: How to Promote Your Product

Add More Images: Now, Stackplaza has given you an oppurtunity to upload two product images when add a new product, and has make it easy to add more images. You can do this by clicking on the button Add More Images and select the multiple images and upload.

Mark Product as Unavailable / Mark Product as Available: whenever a product is unavailable in your store, you make it helpful for your customers to be aware that such a product is unavaible, so that they would not attempt to buy it. And when the product is available you hit the button again to notify your customers that such a product is available now.

The remaining buttons are Edit and Delete, where they enable you to make changes to your product or delete it completely.


It is shown below, both the management of the adverts of your store and products. Get it below how to promote your store.


This is the list of orders your store has received. All the transactions in your store apppear here. But this feature is only available to users who have activated the Stackplaza Online Payment


These are the messages you received from the public. Your customers who visit your store would drop a message for you, those messages appear here. We record the messages for you to allow you have better engagements with the public.


Whenever a particular operation is performed such as verification of account or approving a promotion of product/store, a notification wil automatically be sent to you. These notifications/alerts settle here.

Update Store

You can update your store details whenever you wish. The details you can edit are business address, description and logo.

Promote Store

If you want your store to reach more visitors in order to increase sales and record more engagements, you simply promote it here by paying as low as N100.

Promote Products

If you also need your products to reach more buyers, you hit the below button to promote it for as low as N100


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